VIDEO: Tomas Kaya, famous from TV's Idol and Talang, is the latest in a line to criticise RFSU and their book Snippor och Snoppar (Vulvas and Willies) His conclusion is that "this book goes completely against our mission and our role in the preschool world."
The Swedish National Agency for Education responds to the criticism in our op-ed in The Epoch Times by downplaying the impact of the change in sexual education and the bringing forward thereof to young children.
The injections do not prevent infection or the spread of the disease, which is no worse than a severe seasonal flu, and they seem to have dangerous side effects. Does the benefit really outweigh the risk of these COVID-19 vaccines?
It is unethical to put children and young people at risk to protect adults. How can it be right to exploit children's willingness to help in this way, when we know that the vaccines do not work, that they neither protect against the spread nor against infection?
The Covid-19 infection is no more dangerous for children than the flu. In the first half of 2020, no child died with COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death.
Children usually get a very mild Covid infection, if they even notice it. The risk of severe Covid is extremely low.