Together, we create a network of contacts based on the location of your children’s or grandchildren’s school. Anyone who wants to be involved in creating a better future for our children and youths are welcome to join the networks. If you would like to learn more or have the time to contribute in some way, become involved and join a school group local to you.

Here’s how to do it

  • Find your school on the map by clicking on the window in the upper right corner, the map, including a search function will open. Update your browser before searching to ensure that you loaded the latest list of schools (by clicking on the circle-with-arrow icon next to the URL).
  • If one or more of the schools relevant to you are missing, there is a section further down where you can add them.
  • Click on the pin on the map to bring up the link to the school’s group on Telegram. You can get in touch with other parents of chosen school via the group.
  • When you click on the link, you can choose to join the Telegram group for your school. You can use the same link to invite other parents to the group.
  • Simply type “Hello” to see if anyone responds. You will not be able to see the history of previous discussions for security/privacy reasons. If you are first in the group, persevere, leave notifications switch to “on” more people will join as the movement gains momentum.

When you join a telegram group, we do not collect any data about you, and you can simply remain anonymous if you choose not to use your real name during the registration and set up.

If you do not already have a Telegram account, instructions can be found here.

Is your school missing?

If your school is not yet on the map, use this for to contact us. Once we receive your message, we will create a Telegram group for the school you specified. This can take a while due to the large amount of requests we receive, please be patient.
Are you already involved in a group with a similar focus and feel it would be beneficial to join and expand together with us? Copy paste the Telegram group’s invitation link in the respective message field, via this form and we will use it to grow our networks together.

So we know we were able to reach you
We get in touch by email when the school can be found on the map
We will call you by appointment
Name and address of the school
Feel free to describe your commitment in as much detail as possible