Tomas Kaya, who is famous from TV’s Idol and Talang, works as a preschool educator. He is active on social media with the TikTok account Förskolefnatt which is followed by families with children and preschool educators all over the country. There he often shares his views on children’s rights and provides support to other educators.

“Absolutely insane. I interpret the content of the book as grooming.”

Tomas is the latest in a line to criticize RFSU, which is a lobbying organization for WHO’s extreme guidelines for sex education, and their book Snippor och Snoppar. His conclusion is that “this book goes completely against our mission and our role in the preschool world.”

The children in the book take off their clothes and start drawing their genitals. But there is no teacher present to explain to the children in the book that in preschool, we don’t show our naked bodies to each other. When children are allowed to behave in this way they end up in a vulnerable situation. “The authors of the book want somehow to show children of preschool age with a open, liberating sexuality. For me, it’s really problematic,” says Tomas.

It says in the book that you should have the body as a theme in preschool. But, says Tomas, the thematic work should be based on the children’s interest, not on the adults’ agenda The preschool curriculum states that you should support the children with body image, but you do not do this by their getting undressed.

What the book advocates leads children into a vulnerable position. They are encouraged to strip naked and compare their genitals. “This is really strange,” comments Tomas. It is wrong to talk about sexuality when it comes to children in preschool. Children are naturally curious and they discover their bodies but it has nothing to do with sexuality.

Source: Reacting strongly to the book Snippor och Snoppar, Tomas Kaya, förskolefnatt on TikTok,

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