Are you experiencing increased insecurity and polarization in society?

Has it become difficult to talk about important issues?

When we look for solutions in ourselves and our fellow human beings, we contribute to a safer and less sensitive society. Us together is a meeting place for parents, teachers and those involved, with or without children of their own.

We offer commitment that suits you. Use the map and get in touch with others involved in the school of the children. Inform yourself and others with our texts and campaign materials.

Participate in knowledge building. Get in touch with us and we’ll tell you how we work and find a task that suits you.

Us together is a non-profit, politically and religiously independent initiative for secure children, free information and natural health. Together we are building a national network to help create the future we want for ourselves and our children.

Secure children

Whose value base should we give children?

Our task as adults is to create a safe environment where children can grow and develop through play and the joy of discovery. It is in their own harmonious family, whatever it may look like, that children find boundless love and can grow up to be secure and happy people. Children should be allowed to be children and not have to take responsibility for the health and well-being of adults.

Without the public’s knowledge, Swedish and international authorities have been working for a long time to introduce a new form of comprehensive sexuality education in primary schools. It is based on the idea that children are sexual beings and therefore need to be prepared from birth to reach their full sexual potential.

The education should lead to a change in society, and old-fashioned morals must not get in the way. Therefore, the state should have an overarching duty to promote, protect and monitor the sexual rights of children regardless of their parents’ views.

We want schools to be secure places. That is why we are committed to opposing the authorities’ sexualization of children.

Free information

What should we believe in?

Unhindered access to information is necessary to be able to make good decisions. Controlled media and censorship protect those with dishonest intentions and harm everyone else. People need to scrutinize and question just about everything.

The media and the authorities are creating an increasingly polarized social climate, even though we know that problems only get a satisfactory solution when the parties seek understanding. It is therefore important to seek common truth with those who hold different views through honest and open conversations.

When we unconditionally listen and take an interest in the opinions and experiences of others, we forge friendships across otherwise closed borders and gain a unique perspective. Open dialog develops people’s view of the world and life. We have the tools to help you along this path.

Natural health

Should children take risks to protect the elderly?

Media and authorities often dramatize. Our health is under threat, they say, while the pharmaceutical industry has drugs to offer. The fact that we can stay healthy in a completely natural way is forgotten.

The immune system is strengthened when body and mind are in balance. Clean food, clean air, clean water, exercise and rest, and a sense of purpose and belonging provide the most important foundation for staying healthy and full of life energy.

Instead of overconfidence in new technologies, we need to be careful about giving drugs with unknown long-term side effects to those who are healthy or do not benefit from them themselves. In a healthy society, the individual’s decisions concerning his own body are respected. The disadvantages and risks of central control are then avoided.

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