Public authorities have a far-reaching obligation to help and serve you. We explain what to do and how to proceed when dealing with public authorities, such as your children's school.
Informing others can become an effective way to protect children from sexualization. One way to do this is to send letters or emails to school staff, journalists or politicians.
Tell the event organizer that it is against the Swedish law to discriminate or violate the rights of children due to the authorities' recommendation to demand vaccination passes of their parents.
One way of taking action is to write a letter or e-mail message to your teacher(s), school nurse and headmaster. We have prepared templates for such letters and e-mail messages.

Us together

There are several opportunities to get involved.

Parent group

You can connect with other parents by finding your children's or grandchildren's school on the map and join the corresponding group. You are not alone!


We are building a network, where local groups have the initiative. They get support when desired, and we distribute ideas and good examples within the network.


In these times where all media pass on the same incomplete information, Sant & Sånt is different and tells what is very obvious in an understandable way.