One way of taking action is to send a letter or e-mail message to the school health team, security team, class team, headmaster, school nurse or teachers. The letter could also be sent to the school board (skolnämnden) or the board of education (utbildningsnämnden) of your city or town.

The texts below are examples of such letters or e-mail messages. Please customize the text according to your situation.

Letter: We have some questions


Thank you for the information on covid-19, that you sent to us parents/caregivers. This raises a number of questions, and we are looking forward to receiving your answers.

Here are my/our questions:

1. Why have parents not been informed at least a couple of weeks in advance of covid-19 vaccination of their children? In comparison, regarding the HPV vaccination, parents are informed at least three, sometimes four, weeks before vaccination is due.

2. Will there be any information meeting where parents are given the possibility to ask questions?

3. Has any risk assessment been done concerning covid-19 vaccination of children ages 5-15 years? In Sweden, vaccination of this age category is an entirely new situation. It would be interesting to be informed about which risk assessments our school or other party, for instance the medical service (regionen), has made. In both cases, this data should be publicly available.

4. According to [legal reference] the pupil is supposed to submit to the mentor a declaration of his/her health status as well as a filled-out consent form from his/her parent(s)/guardian(s). In the information that you sent us, there is no reminder given that the health declaration, according to the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (offentlighets- och sekretesslagen), chapter 21, is classified as secret. It contains data on a person’s health status, and therefore it is our firm conviction that the legally correct procedure is that these forms be delivered in a sealed envelope. All health declarations and consent forms should likewise, for all legal purposes, be handled only by the school nurse or other responsible official. Finally, parents should deliver the forms only via surface mail directly to the school nurse.

5. Certification of child’s identity

In the information from the medical service, it is stated that if the child does not have an identity card (ID), the parent(s)/caregiver(s) must accompany the child and certify his/her identity. Whose responsibility is this at the school? This implies that a school employee receives information on which pupils are vaccinated.

6. Local Government Act (Kommunallagen) (2017:725) 2nd chapter

2 §   Municipalities and regions are not allowed to handle such matters, because only the state, another municipality, another county council (medical service region) or other authority is allowed to handle them. Law [Act?] (2019:835).

So, why do schools make their premises available to the medical service? Most people live not far from a health care centre (vårdcentral) or vaccination service centre. Therefore, parents could have their children vaccinated there instead of at school. This solution would circumvent the issue of differing treatment of pupils on school premises. We have heard from other parents that those who agree to the vaccination are given a reward in the form of a treat, while those who, for whatever reason, do not agree to the injection have no possibility of keeping their medical decision private. Instead, it is publicly displayed among their peers, and they risk being excluded from the group. Do you call this equal treatment?

7. In the information that we have received, it is stated that the medical service offers vaccination at school. Who performs the injection? Will the school nurse, who at least to some extent knows the children, perform the vaccination?

The Law prohibiting discrimination and other abusive treatment of children and pupils (Lagen om förbud mot diskriminering och annan kränkande behandling av barn och elever) (2006:67)

8. How will you perform the vaccination so that no pupil feels discriminated against? Children are sensitive at this age, and peer pressure may be hard. If only those who are going to be vaccinated leave for the room of vaccination, it is easy to figure out for both the staff members and the other pupils who takes the vaccine and who does not. Furthermore, there may be children who are already vaccinated or have special circumstances, whereby the caregiver might have booked a vaccination appointment at the health care centre instead. These children, too, may be singled out as non-vaccinated. Considering how infected the vaccination issue is in our society, this scenario is not beneficial for the pupils.

9. To which authority and which registers will the data on which pupil had the vaccination on the date in question be reported? Cf. On the consent form for the HPV vaccination, there is a reference to the relevant law section.

10. What is your view on the possible side effects of the covid-19 vaccination?

11. Will there be more medical staff on site than the nurse performing the injection? Considering the large number of pupils at the school and that this vaccination is entirely new for this age group of children, the risk of severe, even life threatening, allergic reactions for some of them cannot be excluded.

11. Will the school follow up on those who choose to decline this offer? Or will the medical service do that?

Yours sincerely,  

Letter: I am concerned

To (school unit)

I am writing to you because I am concerned when my child goes to school now, as the Public Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten) in all likelihood will recommend covid-19 vaccinations for children from the age of five, and the schools will be the ones assigned to perform this.

I have kept abreast of the news on this topic and have difficulties understanding why media supplies such skewed information regarding it. After all, doctors and experts have widely differing views on it. In Läkartidningen (the Journal of the Swedish Medical Association), a large number of physicians and scientists state that such a recommendation is against all science and proven experience.

It is alarming that the Swedish Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket) has already received over 92,000 (in January 2022) reports on side effects (10 times more than all reports for all 25,000 pharmaceuticals/substances in Sweden in 2020).—coronavacciner#hmainbody1

Even if many side effects turn out to be mild, we cannot know the long-term effects on our children’s health. In the end, I as a parent, and nobody else, am the one who has to take the consequences should my child get a vaccine injury.

I give absolutely no consent to giving my child the covid-19 injection.

And, under no circumstances, do I want my child to be exposed to the one-sided propaganda for covid-19 vaccination of pupils. I have heard from parents in other schools that the school health unit has asked pupils in the school passageways if they have taken the vaccine, and that teachers have asked the pupils in the classroom to raise their hand if they have had the injection.

I certainly hope that our school, with its teacher staff and health staff, will handle this serious responsibility in a much more reasonable and tactful way, and not least that each child’s integrity will be respected.

I want you to confirm that my decision will be respected and, furthermore, to describe how our school will ensure that no child be subject to pressure from staff or peers to take this vaccine.

Best regards,

(Name), parent of (child’s name) in class (XX)

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