The concept of Sant & Sånt is commitment to improving children’s health and future together.

We do this by not blindly trusting the mainstream media narrative. We use knowledge to dispel fear. We reflect on what previous generations and experiences have taught us as well as embracing alternative new research.

The material we produce is fact checked and reviewed by doctors, lawyers and appropriate experts. We give you the facts so you can make an informed choice instead of being “told” what to do by government heath and media propaganda.

Our reporting is not all about doom and gloom, we also highlight the positive. We want to inspire and not scare you to actively engage in securing children’s health and future.

It is becoming apparent that intolerance and misconduct are spreading in national healthcare. Personal portrayals from both care givers and care receivers give us insight into what otherwise may not be published in mainstream media. Government lead proper gander utilises fear to negatively manipulate our reality. It feels like our world is becoming hard and cold. Regardless of political, cultural and social background, we seek to win hearts and restore warmth and faith in humanity.

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