The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services conducted an elaborate marketing campaign to get more people to take covid vaccine in the spring of 2021. Among other things, this authority booked an appearance with the President and asked the show hosts of the entertainment shows to get vaccinated on live TV.
VIDEO: Dr Sture Blomberg gives a talk on the risks of corona vaccination for children and answers viewers' questions. The production arranged by Läkaruppropet) and Vi tillsammans.
Covid-19 affects different age groups differently. Children are seldom suffering from serious illness due to covid-19. Consequently the vaccination campaign for children is unnecessary.
The injections do not prevent infection or the spread of the disease, which is no worse than a severe seasonal flu, and they seem to have dangerous side effects. Does the benefit really outweigh the risk of these COVID-19 vaccines?
It is unethical to put children and young people at risk to protect adults. How can it be right to exploit children's willingness to help in this way, when we know that the vaccines do not work, that they neither protect against the spread nor against infection?
Vaccines are given to the public to prevent serious disease. Usually the risk of serious disease is small, therefore the risk  for serious side effects of the vaccine given must be very small.