Swedish schools engage in something they call value-based work. But whose values do they really want to work into the children? Much seems to revolve around sexuality, even for the very youngest children.

Many people instinctively feel that it is completely inappropriate and even harmful, yet we let it happen. Is it because it’s easiest to just go with the flow and not ask uncomfortable questions?

In many cultures, defending family and children is part of the man’s role. But where are the men now? In contexts where the sometimes extreme elements of value-based work are carried out, powerful men are rarely seen among the parents. Could it be the growing hostility towards men that keeps them away? Without the resistance of strong men, you can get anything through.

There is often talk of “daddy-issues” when discussing women’s problems in relationships, but it does not talk about the fact that the lack of a father figure or a stable male role model harms both men and women. The lack of secure individuals affects the whole of society. Without them, we have no role models to aspire to.

Throughout the ages, men have protected the family and what is fragile, but not anymore. Men no longer dare to stand up for themselves and are often stepped on when they say what they think.

Few men see anything positive about sexualizing toddlers. But as soon as a man stands up for what is right, he is attacked by so-called “feminists” who diminish his right to speak.

Freedom movements such as feminism and the LGBTQ movement are based on good things—there was a time when women weren’t even allowed to vote—but something has happened. The movements seem to have been hijacked by a larger agenda than those involved can comprehend. There is no element of equality to men’s voices being silenced. Instead, we need to encourage more men to take responsibility for what is right and to stand up for their cause, instead of belittling those who want to do the right thing for themselves and society.

We need both strong men and strong women. Only together can we protect ourselves from destructive trends and reverse them. We are created to live and interact in perfect symbiosis. Male and female. Not to go against each other and suppress each other’s unique qualities that make us who we are. Together we are the strongest.

To experience how quickly society goes downhill when the wrong people are given free rein in the media is terrible. Now we need more men who, through a secure and stable foundation, dare to protect the weakest ones in society. We women and children need you! Just as you need us.

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him” -G.K Chesterton

Maria Gontevas