We on the inside. A personal story. Darkness may have descended upon us. Together we light the path that leads to the future we want, for ourselves and our children.
We offer a listening ear and compassionate conversation. You can freely talk about what feels important to you.
If you already feel suspicious about what has occurred in recent years, you are not alone! Together we create a network of likeminded contacts based on the location of your children's or grandchildren's school.
We refer to medical, psychological and legal facts that are not widely iterated via national media to challenge the mainsteam narrative. The goal of Sant and Sånt’s is to win hearts and unite humanity. Regardless of race, political, cultural and social background and bring people together.

Us together

There are several opportunities to get involved.

Parent group

You can connect with other parents by finding your children's or grandchildren's school on the map and join the corresponding group. You are not alone!


We are building a network, where local groups have the initiative. They get support when desired, and we distribute ideas and good examples within the network.


In these times where all media pass on the same incomplete information, Sant & Sånt is different and tells what is very obvious in an understandable way.