We present fact-based informative texts in cooperation with medical and legal experts. Inform yourself together with us so that you can arrive at well-founded decisions.

You are not alone! With your help, we create a network, starting from the school of your children or grandchildren.

With your help we want to actively create a desirable future for us and our children.

Would you like to help us grow? Do you have a great idea you want to share with us? Do you have suggestions on how we can improve? Let us know.
Join a parent group. Remember, you are not alone! Together with you, we create a network, starting from the school of your children or grandchildren.
Are you alone with your thoughts on this? Do you feel that your concerns are creating mental and emotional distress? Please contact us for guidance and support.
Tell the event organizer that it is against the Swedish law to discriminate or violate the rights of children due to the authorities' recommendation to demand vaccination passes of their parents.
One way of taking action is to write a letter or e-mail message to your teacher(s), school nurse and headmaster. We have prepared templates for such letters and e-mail messages.
Vaccines are given to the public to prevent serious disease. Usually the risk of serious disease is small, therefore the risk  for serious side effects of the vaccine given must be very small.
Studies show that you almost always develop a natural and permanent immunity after having contracted a Sars-Cov2 virus (covid-19 infection.)

We are

We are your neighbour, your colleague, your friend or maybe an unknown person passing by just a fellow being nearby or far away. Together, we devote ourselves to securing health for the future of our children and ourselves. Together we make a difference, on a local, regional and national level.

We want

We want to serve as the best role models for our children and grandchildren. With inner strength, we want to stand up for them as they are growing up to be unique and exceptional people. We constantly have to make our choices, and when we, as adults, have confidence in our ability and take on the responsibility to do what we feel is right, our children will learn from us.

Our children

We do everything for our children. We are their safety and security. We protect them from danger. We are with them when they explore living their life. We support them in growing up to be free people, responsible, fearless and independent.