We live in transformative times. With large events unfolding, one would expect a great deal of interest on the part of ordinary people to discuss and better understand what is going on. But the reverse seems to be true. Conversations about such events have become strained and difficult. This leads many to doubt that an open and constructive dialogue is possible.

Whatever I say, they don’t listen to me and we just end up arguing. What am I doing wrong?

I think some of my friends have started to reason in a strange way. I don’t recognize them anymore. What happened?

Why doesn’t everyone notice that something is not right?

What do I do if they listen neither to facts nor to logic?

If you recognize yourself in any of these questions, this material is for you. The Reaching others series helps us to have honest conversations in which we seek for common truth even with those who are initially unwilling to engage in these types of conversations.

With the help of knowledge in psychology, behavioural science, marketing and neuroscience, we have developed a material that is set at a reasonable level of understanding for the common man. We believe that anyone reading this text will be able to understand key ideas behind it and learn how to have successful conversations.

In times like these, a strong empathetic personality is required to stay grounded in oneself and remain calm. The knowledge we share here will help you in that endeavour.

With practice, we get better. It’s like learning to ride a bicycle or drive a car. This text is like the driving instruction manual. It has a lot of useful information, but it is when we go out into the traffic and amongst the people and practice reaching them that we become really good.

You can study the material on your own or together with others. We want as many people as possible to become good at reaching others and you are welcome to share this material. We also arrange meetings where we immerse ourselves in the material and can share our experiences.

The material has been developed by Us together in collaboration with Reaching People.

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