American journalist and political commentator Tucker Carlson, former Fox News host, who now runs America’s most popular TV show on Twitter (X), is the latest in a line of influential media persons to criticize the normalization of child abuse by the media and the authorities.

“A generation back, it was considered very inappropriate to talk to other people’s children about sex. To touch the children with sexual intentions was more or less to ask for a death penalty,” Carlson notes in the Twitter clip, which has already been viewed 50 million times.

The Wall Street Journal wrote a revealing story about child pornography on Instagram and how the platform openly supports a network of accounts with buyers of child pornography. Tucker Carlson points to the authorities’ failure to do anything about this crime on Instagram and how management boasts about how their algorithms make it easier for everyone to get content they like. This also includes child pornography.

“The Wall Street Journal’s article was truthful and shocking. But most shocking of all was what happened after it was published – which was nothing. America’s largest newspaper reveals that one of the world’s most influential social media platforms spreads child pornography and no one in power is doing anything about it.”

Source: Instagram Connect’s Vast Pedophile Network, The Wall Street Journal,

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