Studies show that you almost always develop a natural and permanent immunity after having contracted a Sars-Cov2 virus (covid-19 infection.)

One of the worlds most trusted scientific publications Nature have published a study that shows that even a mild infection triggers a plasma cell response in the bone marrow. These plasma cells produce antibodies that are not detectable in the usual blood tests. These plasma cells have a lifespan of 60-70 years.

Persons that have had the Covid-19 disease has a broader and better immune response than what can be accomplished with the vaccines. Those who have been infected also has a better protection against possible mutations of the virus. Basic immunology shows that immunity from contracted disease almost always gives a better protection than vaccination. That is why children who has had measles or chickenpox should not be immunized against these diseases.

Studies show that the risk for people that has had covid- 19 to contract it again is less than 0.0086% (statistically nil). There are seven other studies done on using a study group of one million people that show that 82-95% of those who have contracted covid develop long lasting immunity. And these studies did not consider the harder to detect plasma cells mentioned above which means that virtually everybody who has had the infection will be immune.

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