Together with you, we create a network, starting from the school of your children or grandchildren. Everybody who has concerns about the vaccination of our children and youth are welcome to be a part of our networks. Please feel free to join a group for the schools where you would like to take an active part.

How to join a group

  • Find your school on the map. Click in the upper right corner of the window; the map including the search bar is shown. Please refresh your browser before you do your search, to ensure that you get the most recent list of schools (refresh by clicking on the icon circle-with-arrow near the web site bar, the URL).
  • If a school that you want to engage in is missing, please use the form below so we can add it.
  • Click on the pins on the map to see the links to the groups for the corresponding schools on Telegram. By using a specific link, you can connect with other parents at that school.
  • Click on the link to enter the Telegram group for your school. You can use the same link to invite other parents to this group.
  • You might just write “Hello” or “Hej” in order to see if someone responds. For security and integrity reasons, you will not be able to see the history of past discussions. In case you are the first person to enter the group, please be patient – there will soon be more people.

When you enter such a group, we do not register any of your data, and you may set yourself to anonymous in Telegram.

If you are not already registered for an account in Telegram, you can find instructions here.

Is your school missing?

Please use this form in case your school is not yet on the map. When we receive your message, we will create a Telegram group for your school. This may take its time due to the large number of queries we receive. Come back and check if it has been added.

Are you already involved in a group with a similar objective and want to enter a major context together with us? Please use the form and please specify the invitation link for the Telegram group in the message field. That way, we can use it when we enlarge the network together.

So we know we were able to reach you
We get in touch by email when the school can be found on the map
We will call you by appointment
Name and address of the school
Feel free to describe your commitment in as much detail as possible