What you think is important to us. The Reach others material, has been developed by Us together in collaboration with Reaching People, is new and under development. With your help, we can make it even better.

Which parts did you find particularly good, unclear, difficult, missing, doubtful? Tell us!

If you describe your views in detail, it will be easier for us to continue working on the material. We want as many people as possible to become good at reaching others. Feel free to share the Reach others material with others.

When we practise, we get better

Try the exercises and practise together with others or on your own. We will provide feedback on your results if you wish. You are welcome to send them to us to share your insights.

Do you want to help?

Us together organizes meetings and seminars where we delve into the material and share experiences. We also have a programme for those who want to hold their own seminars or meetings. Get in touch with us you are interested.

Use the form below to get in touch with us. Please describe the results of the exercise, your involvement or question in as much detail as possible.

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We’ll contact you by email and book a phone appointment
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Please describe in as much detail as possible the results of the exercises, how you feel you could contribute to our movement, or alternatively just simply ask a question.
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