Few men see anything positive about sexualizing toddlers. But as soon as a man stands up for what is right, he is attacked by so-called "feminists". We need both strong men and strong women. Only together can we protect ourselves from destructive trends and reverse them.
In Catalonia, a program for kindergarteners was launched in 2019 that included the activity proposal "sensations" in which children learn to masturbate. The programme caused quite a stir and lawyers eventually managed to force the authorities to remove it.
The UN and ICJ principles, issued in March 2023, normalize consensual sex with minors, which goes completely against the legal protection we, for centuries, have known that children need.
Conservative countries outmanoeuvred the coup-like attempts of Western countries to advance their sexual agenda at this year's UN Population Conference held in April 2023.
Public authorities have a far-reaching obligation to help and serve you. We explain what to do and how to proceed when dealing with public authorities, such as your children's school.
The WHO intends to change sex education for children. It is no longer enough to talk about biology and contraception. They want educators to encourage toddlers to enjoy their bodies and convey a positive view of sex.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services conducted an elaborate marketing campaign to get more people to take covid vaccine in the spring of 2021. Among other things, this authority booked an appearance with the President and asked the show hosts of the entertainment shows to get vaccinated on live TV.
Covid-19 affects different age groups differently. Children are seldom suffering from serious illness due to covid-19. Consequently the vaccination campaign for children is unnecessary.
We on the inside. A personal story. Darkness may have descended upon us. Together we light the path that leads to the future we want, for ourselves and our children.