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A system of ideas based on the notion that children are sexual beings born with sexual needs is spreading all over the world. It is called Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). Euphemistic language conceals how parental responsibility is watered down and how societal norms that protected children are eliminated.
Unbeknownst to the public, a new form of sex education is being introduced in elementary and middle schools. It assumes that children are sexual beings and that they must therefore be prepared from birth to reach their full sexual potential. The Swedish National Agency for Education wants to encourage children to become curious about and explore their sexuality and identity.
Response to the newspaper Syre's critical view on our commitment to making the school a safe place for all children. Few people know about the sexualization of children by authorities, so a public discussion is really about time.
The Swedish Agency for Education responded to our op-ed in The Epoch Times showing that schoolchildren are sexualised. Our response, also in The Epoch Times, points out that the Agency for Education ignores the influence of organisations such as RFSU.
An increasing fascination with children's sexuality is undeniable. It is the result of the Western world's now twenty-year crusade for children's sexual rights. Our blind faith in our institutions and naïvety has meant that everyday life for our children in preschool today looks completely different from what most parents imagine.
The WHO is trying to change sex education for children. It is no longer enough to talk about biology and contraception. They want educators to convey a positive view of sex and encourage toddlers to enjoy their bodies.
The Regional Council of Navarre received the UNESCO award for its pioneering educational program "Skolae" which is in fact a sex education programme for young children. At the request of parents, the Spanish Supreme Court ordered the Regional Council to suspend the programme. Something they still refuse to do.
VIDEO: The Wall Street Journal wrote a revealing story about child pornography on Instagram and how the platform openly supports a network of accounts with buyers of child pornography. Tucker Carlson points to the authorities' failure to do anything about this crime.